Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Writers are Liars

Get out your trusty suspenders because there's no suspension of disbelief in this crowd. We're going for real. Not Platonic Reality. Actual Reality.

But why? Because writers, artists, authors, etc. are all basically liars. You heard me. You're a liar. Or you could say we tell the truth and everyone else in the world is the liar. Doesn't matter.

If you're going to present a lie (or a truth to people convinced of a lie) then the best tool you can have is EVIDENCE! Sorry for shouting. It's just so fun sometimes.

What makes the best evidence? Details. Details. Details.

If I say: I met the President. You might not believe me. Especially if that's all I say.

But if I say: I went to DC on a class field trip and the President stopped and shook our hands when we were touring the White House. He smelled like almonds, and he had a red tie. I was too scared to talk, and the kid next to me threw up afterwards. I start to sound more believable. It's hard to argue with a spewing kid and almonds. Unless you know the President really smells like Old Spice.

So when writing or drawing up your latest awesome scene, you can make it more convincing with more details. The more accurate your details the better.

But if you want to describe getting punched in the face and you've never been punched in the face are you out of luck? Nope. That's what the Belief Suspenders are for. (In addition to ending sentences with prepositions.)

Each month (or sooner depending on how this goes), I'll post a video of me doing things that most people might not have practical experience with. Things like: cutting my hair off with a knife, breaking bottles for a fight, shooting up car doors, jumping out of a moving vehicle, etc.

I'll also write up more details about the experience here and answer any additional questions you might have about the video of the month. Please leave comments with suggestions or questions. I'm always open to new ideas for videos.

Please Note: I won't do anything that's been done before on a certain show that involves myths and confirming or "busting" said myths. Just because they already did it and they have a bigger budget than I do. So they can do big things like blowing up a car. Also, nothing illegal or deadly.

Thanks for reading and watching though. Keep your pants on.


Michelle4Laughs said...

I did try shots of hard whiskey for 'research' purposes. I always wondered how long a black eye actually lasts. Any ideas on that one?

Tracy said...

If you're not in a hurry I can test it by giving myself a black eye sometime.

If you are in a hurry then here is my theory. I haven't had a black eye since I was four, but I imagine its like most bruises and depends on the severity of the bruise. Some can last for weeks. Some can go away within twenty four hours.

The mighty Google says from a few days to a month with many lasting about a week.

Thanks for asking questions though and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Being that I am also a magician, (the best liars in the world), I must have a bit of a leg up, Eh? ;)

I guess we'll see how well the details for my lie worked out during Marathon. :D

Nice post, Tracy!

Tracy said...

Thanks for the comment! And for linking me on your blog. I bet magicians are brilliant at misdirection in writing as well. You ever use your mad skills in a novel?

Desire4Fire said...

Details are very important Tracy.. thanks for sharing.. Actually when I put a character into a pose position I try it out before I describe it, it actually helps my mind's eye see how I want them to stand or sit, or squat.. but a lot of feeling's Ive experienced I sometimes remember what it felt like to.. ( ) those are the most intense.

Tracy said...

Look at all my comments! Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. I do think those details are important and help your reader get pulled into the story. My hope is that this blog will help with those things you haven't experienced before so you can write even better. Thanks for the comments.