Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Shorts: Black Eyes

Get it? Shorts? Heh.

So it may switch to Saturday Shorts, we'll see. But I'm just going to leave quick interesting bits of information or answer questions that take less than a full video.

I had a question a couple weeks ago about: how long does a black eye last?

Fortunately for me, my friend got a black eye on Monday! Her son threw a train at her face and hit just below her temple. The bruising spread (she said "it was like it leaked") under her whole eye. Interesting right?

She's still got it, and she's going to keep me updated on how long it lasts. I'll come back and edit this post later with the progress of her shiner.

EDIT: Her black eye lasted exactly two weeks until there was no noticeable bruising around her eye.

So now you know about at least one real black eye example.

Thanks for reading. Keep your pants on!


Michelle4Laughs said...

I gotta know about that black eye. I'm betting anywhere from a week to two weeks for a severe shiner.

Tracy said...

Well today makes a week and it hasn't gone away yet. Want to be more specific in your guess? I'm offering the fabulous prize of: bragging rights!

Brittny1007 said...

Glad I could help. I'll let you know if I get any more injuries! HA!