Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Freebies 8

Books, books, books. Gotta love free books. And I've found some for you. Lots of em. Good luck my pantslings. Ugh, no, that's a bad name for you all. How about my B.S-err no. Just no. I'll think of something. In the mean time, I hope you win (but not enough to give you my books if I do! MINE!)

GIFT CARDS, BOOKS, ETC. : She's got a lot of prizes. And a rafflecopter widget! So she must be cool.

TWO BOOK GIVEAWAYS : I want The GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS sooooo bad. So you can enter the other one. Or give me your copy if you win! :D

MORE BOOKS : I dunno which books you get, but free books are always awesome. Plus, I'm biased towards this contest (this is the blog that got me a full request. <3 )

NOOK COLOR : Okay...I want this for my birthday. Also books to put on it. All good.

1000 FOLLOWERS : Am I jealous? Yes, yes I am.

600 FOLLOWERS : Still jealous. Though, I do love you guys who do follow me. Can you increase by a factor of ten somehow?

SHATTER ME : I dunno why, but I'm susceptible to advertising. I think this book will be good. So winning it would also be good, and I like good. So...umm...good!

As always, your pants should stay on people. I'm looking at you pants-less guy.


cherie said...

Wow! Good stuff here. Goodluck to you (and me). I'm gonna enter some of them. Thanks for the heads up!

Nisa said...

Wow! Who knew there were so many great parties going on? I need to get out more. Uh... Stay in more? Ah well. You know what I mean. Thanks for the shout out. Your blog looks like a lot of fun. :D (And Ironically my verification word is comic.)

Tracy N. Jorgensen said...

I stay in so you don't have to! That should be my new slogan. Except I like Keep your pants on.

Good luck Cherie!

And thanks for stopping by Nisa! Congrats on your 200 followers. That's awesome. Also, giving away a Nook is awesomer. Especially if I win. :D