Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Episode 4: Breathing Underwater


Someone's pounding on the door. They probably heard the fire alarm. I grab my burned cards and dive out the window.

I seem to have forgotten this bar is on a boat. SPLASH! Oh well, I can hide in the water. I grab a reed and dive down. If the movies have told me anything, this should be super easy.


I figured the hardest part would be being deep enough to be hidden and not be seen. I never imagined breathing would be the biggest pain in the butt. (The straws aren't long enough to cause suffocation at least.)


Yeah, as I said. Breathing was a huge pain in the butt. Figuring out how deep I was and how deep I could go was a pain in the butt. Staying under was a pain in the butt. Basically, my butt was sore!


I dive under and try to breath through my reed, but water keeps going up my nose. I start to panic and breathing becomes harder and harder. Great, now I'm panicked and I have a crappy hair cut. Could this day get any worse?


Whenever I went under, I got water up my nose. So the best way to breath was to bend the straw and start breathing through it BEFORE I went under. The other issue was how visible I was. Seriously, I needed some real reeds to hide.

To be honest, I got a little panicky with so little air, focusing on so much, and trying to stay underwater. Normally I have no problem sitting underwater, even when holding my breath. This time I did. I'm ashamed. But at least my little bro was there, so he showed me up.

Keep your pants on guys!

P.S. My bro is AVAILABLE ladies.


Riley Redgate said...

Ahahahah. I love this. You know, it always seems like it makes so much sense, but seeing you actually trying to do it, I don't know how I ever thought it'd be easy. I mean, the air in your lungs naturally wants to bring you to the surface, so you'd need to focus on keeping yourself underwater with your arms and legs, and slkdhfskj it seems super complicated.

Epic blog as per usual.

J. A. Bennett said...

I am so glad I don’t have any characters doing this! Thank you for doing the research for me so I know better :)

Tracy N. Jorgensen said...

Glad I could help you avoid this awkward mistake! It was super complicated actually. All these things to get right. In the end...I'd just hide under the dock. Or y' those trees.

Thanks as always for commenting guys! I love that I have people watching and enjoying my videos!

Joyce Alton said...

Loved this. Even my husband came in and watched it.

So noted: don't have characters attempt this, especially as a first timer or if there really are bad guys after them.

CNHolmberg said...

I really love that you do this stuff for the blog! thanks!

Tracy N. Jorgensen said...

I love doing this stuff too. I mean how many people can say they've done this? Not many! More awesome things to come. Promise. I'll help make your books even more awesome if it's the last thing I do. Or y'know, even if it's not. I could stand to do more than just that.