Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Shorts: Camping Statistics

I'm not even home yet, but I've got Internet back. So what do I do? Come post on my blog. Do you guys feel the love? You should.

Today's Sunday Short is some statistics from my week-long trip. We were up in the wilds of PNW. So for all you alls with outdoor trips or camping in your novels, here are some interesting tidbits. Unless otherwise specified, these are all my specific stats not the whole groups.


By me: 4 deer, 1 moose, 50 bajillion chipmunks, 3 stray dogs (from nearby camp sites)

By our group (including my sightings): 5 dear, 1 moose, 1 cougar, 1 black bear, 500 bajillion chipmunks, 3 stray dogs, 1 packrat


By me:
12 fish (all eatable size, only 5 of the tasty species though, and only 3 were actually set aside for the eating).

By my husband:
5 (1 eatable size and type, which we kept.)

By the kids:
47 fish (none eatable size or type.)

By the way, this is my second year fishing. My husband has been doing it forever and loves it. He wasn't too happy with these statistics.


Serious Injuries:

I counted 27 bruises on my legs alone. Ouch!

Mosquito Bites:

That should be enough for now. But I basically had an awesome time, yet I'm so glad to be back! Hope you guys had a great week without me.


Anonymous said...

I am most impressed with the lack of mosquito bites. I usually have four withing the first four minutes.

Sounds like a great camping trip. May your injury stat remain low.

CNHolmberg said...

Another idea for the blog--is leather really that easy to fight in? Good thing to ponder on, given the whole chicks-in-leather-urban-fantasy genre.

Tracy N. Jorgensen said...

That's a marvelous idea! Now I just need to find some leather pants. I hear they're coming back in style at least.