Saturday, January 21, 2012

Which would you read?

Since I haven't actually read any of these books and I can't afford to right now, I'm wondering which of the following you all would read. Leave a comment, and let me know your favorites.

These are courtesy of Meredith Barnes' blog.
  • Deborah Camp (A mix of contemporary and Old West Historical romances...over 40 coming in the near future, but here is a list of 10 or so available now)
  • Lorena Dureau (Historical Romance: American Colonial South and West. Very Sexy)
  • Dan Streib (thrillers with a James-Bond-meets-Anderson-Cooper main character)
  • Barbara Keesling (her too-hot-to-blog nonfiction is here, here, and here)

In other news, I'm expecting my second child! So I've put my more dangerous stunts on hold until what I'm going to call "Season 2." In the meantime, are there any pregnancy related tropes or just safe in general ones you'd like to see? Something I can do while I get fatter. Leave comments about those ideas as well!

As always, keep your pants on!


Jennifer Troemner said...

Congrats! That's awesome!

And I'd say.... go with Lorena Dureau.

cherie said...

I'm not familiar with those you've I guess I can't help you choose.

Congrats on your pregnancy! That's so exciting! I'm expecting my third kid, so all I can tell you is: Enjoy this time right now with your only kid, for it won't be long when you'll have to juggle between two. But it will be worth it...totally! I adore my two kids, no matter how crazy they drive me sometimes. And three? I'm preparing myself for the chaos and whirlwind to come!!

Joyce Alton said...

Yay! Congrats!

Stunts while pregnant? Hm...maybe what you could really expect from a pregnant character in a fantasy setting.